The New

If you’ve ever been here before (hi Mom!) then you may notice things look a little different.

I originally created this site as an online resume. I bragged about my work history and academic achievements, including co-worker testimonials and samples of work I’ve done. But I recently realized no one really cares about that stuff, so I’m repositioning myself (as they say in the biz… what biz? No clue. Heard it on TV.).

Now it’s a blog! Mostly. I’m still going to populate it with some of the bragging stuff (I did finish at the top of my MBA class, after all), but the focus is going to be my thoughts on items somewhat relevant to my industry and expertise. And random links, pictures, and videos that I think are funny, awesome, and otherwise worth sharing.

The site’ll be undergoing some changes for a while as I get it all put together. So keep coming back and feel free to let me know if you have any feedback.

What do you think?

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