The Chrome Label-less Button

The latest update to Google’s Chrome browser brought an interesting twist – a button with no label.

Chrome User Experience UX

See the button next to the tab? Know what it’s supposed to do? It’s the “New Tab” button. It used to have a “+” in it to make clear that clicking it would open a new browser tab.

When approaching usability, it’s important to try and look at design with fresh eyes. Imagine a new Chrome user who’d never used the browser before; would they understand what the button does?

Personally, I say yes. The tab interface overall is quite familiar (given that it’s based on classic file folder tabs), and the design of this button (shape, shading, colors) looks like a “ghost” tab of sorts. If I were trying to open a new tab, I’d assume that’s what this button was for.

What do you think? A great design change? A horrible step backwards for the UX? Not a big difference either way?

(HT: UsabilityPost)

What do you think?

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