I’m a web geek, film buff, political junkie, tech aficionado, husband, and the proud father of a feisty redheaded 2-year-old.

This site is a place for me to talk shop and share things I find interesting. If you’re keen on the web and how it works (and doesn’t), consumer technology, design trends, and occasional other bits of funny/neat/interesting stuff, you’ve come to the right place.

Why should I believe a thing you write?

When it comes to the web and product management, some people trust me enough to pay me for my opinion. I’m the Product Manager at CurrentChoice, a startup e-commerce web app. What does that mean I actually do? It’s a startup so I’m involved in everything, but my main areas of responsibility are defining, developing, and enhancing our web site. You can see more details on my LinkedIn profile.

I also have a background in getting sh!t done. I’ve helped run businesses, gotten people elected, and even made movies (really!). I take pride and pleasure in shepherding a project from idea through completion, whether it’s a web page, a film, a campaign, or any other initiative.

Anything else?

  • I got my undergraduate degree at Brandeis University and my MBA at Boston University.
  • I used to be an editor in Hollywood. I mostly cut trailers and TV shows.
  • I’m left-handed.
  • I used to own the domain DanielGlasser.com, but I accidentally let the registration lapse and someone else snatched it up. Boo.
  • I sang in a collegiate a cappella group. Don’t laugh. That’s where I met my wife!

If you really want to know more about me, check me out on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn or just send me an Email.

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