Product Manager (where I am currently the Product Manager) is a marketplace where consumers can shop for electricity. To provide a remedy to a confusing market, CurrentChoice was designed to give customers an informed, straightforward shopping experience.

The site features interactive shopping pages where the user can sort, filter, and compare offers based on a number of details. Customers can further customize their shopping experience by retrieving their electric usage history directly from their utility through our custom-built tools.

e-commerce platform

Customers can compare the details of different offers side-by-side.

Educational information is presented using text, images, and videos. Nested content provides varying levels of detail, depending on the shopper’s interest in a particular area.

Social Media integration

Social media integration

Social media is deeply integrated into the design of the site, with sharing options available on every page. One page is dedicated to highlighting comments made about CurrentChoice by customers on social media networks. Users have the ability to comment on blog posts, adding a community-building component for those customers with an interest in saving money and electricity.

CurrentChoice is managed with the Kentico CMS system, allowing for quick blog updates, content changes, and landing page creation.

Release Date:April 05, 2012

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