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Representative Carl Sciortino (a former employer of mine) needed an updated web site in advance of his 2008 re-election effort. The site needed to educate his constituents on his achievements in office while also acting as a platform to raise money and recruit campaign volunteers.

The site was initially designed by a friend of Rep. Sciortino, but it had not been implemented. I took the design and adapted it to the needs of the specific pages. I built the site on the Movable Type CMS platform for easy updating with relevant content.

Carl Sciortino Web Site CMS

News updates managed with CMS blog structure.

Near the start of the campaign, key election documents went missing, preventing Rep. Sciortino’s name from appearing on the ballot in the Democratic Primary. Rep. Sciortino chose to mount a write-in campaign, requiring a massive education effort throughout his district. Voter contact, including mail, phone calls, and door-to-door canvassing, incorporated educational materials about how to “write in” Rep. Sciortino’s name on the ballot and stickers to let voters do so easily.

Write In Carl Instruction Web Site

Voting instructions for write-in campaign.

To supplement this education effort, a new site was created, WriteInCarl.com. This site was designed to echo the look of the campaign’s educational materials, using the same graphics to show voters how to write in Rep. Sciortino’s name. A form was built on the page where voters could submit a request for stickers.

The Write In site was built quickly and simply using HTML, PHP, and CSS.

Release Date:April 05, 2012

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