The Somerville Delegation


The city of Somerville, MA is represented in the state legislature by two State Senators and three State Representatives. This delegation wanted a site where they could share information with their constituents, including resources for constituent services and highlights of their work in the legislature.

The site was independent from the legislators’ campaign efforts. Rather than a political effort, the goal of the site was to be informative and resourceful. This required adhering to state laws and regulations governing content and purpose, and restricted the use of campaign-related language, images, and links on the site.

Professional fonts and graphics

The site was designed to evoke familiar city and state government landmarks, conveying both the local focus and statewide reach of the elected officials. A strong serifed font for headlines and navigation reinforced the stately feel of the site. Text on the site was written to highlight a message of accomplishment on behalf of the people of Somerville.

Custom graphics were used to educate and inform constituents about the district and their legislators’ accomplishments.

custom graphics

The site was built with HTML and CSS on the Movable Type platform. The selective use of categories allowed for easy addition of recent news and achievements to different pages.

Release Date:April 05, 2012

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